The services provided by CMC billing and Consulting LLC include insurance claim submissions, accounts receivable follow up, insurance payment posting, and account analysis through software reporting. We will acheive this by setting the highest standards in service, reliability, and cost containment in our industry.

Focus on Your Practice

Running a business in the medical field can be difficult since you not only need to take care of your patients, but also run your business. By utilizing CMC Billing and Consulting you can focus on delivering the best health care services possible and not have to worry about billing issues, training staff, hiring, or firing. CMC Billing and Consulting allows you to focus on your patients care, building your practice, and taking the stress out of collecting from the insurance companies.

Lower Costs & Higher Collections

You'll find that it's more cost-effective to let CMC Billing and Consulting handle all your insurance billing needs when you compare your rates to the cost of hiring employees, providing benefits, the time spent training, and overhead costs.  Not only is it more cost-effective, but with a 99% billing to collection ratio you will see your insurance collections increase by the second month.

Electronic Claims Processing

Dealing with insurance companies IS quite an exhaustive process, and paper billing leads to a slower and lower collection rate. Turnaround time for paper billing is a little less than 60 days, while turnaraound time for electronic claims is less than 30 days. The average cost for billing electronically compared to paper is a 46% cost savings. CMC Billing and Consulting will process your claims electronically and assist you in coding and compliance.


Accounts Receivable Follow Up

By properly following up on outstanding insurance claims within 30 days of the initial bill date, your insurance collections will stay steady and potential problems will be identified early. Status on your accounts are documented in your software and right at your finger tips for easy access keeping you up to date on each account.


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